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Prima Vista Richard Wolf Academy brings specialists together. workshopraum_Kopie_01_31bf9149f2
Medical examination methods and instruments are developing today at breakneck speed. This means that physicians and medical staff need to take part in advanced training courses to keep up to date with current developments.

Richard Wolf GmbH, one of the leading endoscope manufacturers worldwide, reflects this need in the “Prima Vista Richard Wolf Academy” training centre. Here, physicians can train specific methods, practice-oriented, and, in particular, quickly and efficiently. Here, we offer 20 to 30 courses, among other things for arthroscopy, surgery, urology, gynaecology, ENT and veterinary medicine. In four rooms, the Prima Vista Richard Wolf Academy provides everything
required to ensure top-quality training.

Depending on the topic, the courses last between one and four days and are normally structured with three main activities: theory, live OR and practical exercises. The physicians participating learn the basic theory from renownedSchulungsraum_innen_01_bef174d90f professors. Simple and advanced operating techniques can be performed at eleven fully equipped workstations with practical exercises on both models and cadavers. The latest multimedia systems also allow the transmission of live operations and round off the training program.

This ensures that the theoretical and practical knowledge and experience is communicated at the highest level. The Prima Vista Richard Wolf Academy
has therefore established itself as an independent communications platform for endoscopic techniques and interventions and is used regularly by renowned physicians and specialists allowing them to acquire new knowledge or pass on their own knowledge and experience to colleagues.


The new WOLF Training Center in Berlin has meanwhile become fully operational. Why was Berlin selected as the location? Berlin is the capital city of Germany, a major medical center, and a hub for international meetings and know-how transfer in the medical hightech sector of our target clientele. Berlin is an ideal location for the presentation, promotion and profiling of instrument maker Richard Wolf to its national and European customer base, and to international customers and partners. The new training center has given us an excellent launch pad for the future.