Endovenous Laser Treatment for Varicose Veins

Results are encouraging

An Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT) with Vasculife laser is the next best thing when it comes to closing off particularly large, stubborn and painful varicose veins. Prior to the practice of this state of the art procedure, removal of varicose veins was invasive and painful. Surgical treatment to remove, or strip, the varicose vein requires some recovery time and general anesthesia to be administered. The stripping of varicose veins can be problematic and have painful side effects in some patients.

This procedure of Endovenous Laser Treatment is recommended when the varicose veins are particularly large and cannot be treated with Sclerotherapy. The alternative treatment of stripping the varicose vein, Endovenous Laser Treatment, is revolutionary since it requires no recovery time. The alternative surgical procedure takes up to eight weeks to recover, and may cause quit significant discomfort, as well high recurrence rate.
Deciding to treat your varicose veins with Endovenous Laser Treatment, there are a few things you should know about your EVLT.

The EVLT Procedure

The ultrasound assist will help the physician explore the varicose vein’s issues fully, to provide effective treatment for the varicose vein. Because of the severe twisting and knotting appearance of varicose veins, ultrasound gives the best picture of the varicose veins origin.

Once the laser fiber is inserted at the best point of treatment in the affected vein, the laser’s heat energy is then administered to the walls of the vein. The laser damages the diseased area with thermal energy, thereby closing the vein and removing the pathway of blood supplied to the varicose vein. Once the procedure is finished, we bandage the area with small compression bandages to help support the newly closed vein. The outpatient procedure is done in under an hour.

What to Expect After

The Endovenous Laser Treatment procedure with Vasculife laser is designed to make sure there is minimal disturbance to the patient’s life and activities immediately following. There is no recovery time after this procedure for the treatment of painful varicose veins. You may feel slight tightening of the area and some mild bruising can occur, but this is normal and is not painful.

After the procedure, there is no recovery time, but we do encourage that no heavy lifting be done afterward. We also encourage minimizing vigorous exercise; depending on each patient this will vary.